Cathryn J. Prince

Author, Journalist


Kirkus Reviews calls AMERICAN DAREDEVIL: “A rollicking tale of the incredible saga of a man constantly searching for the next exploit and sharing them in his writings.”

Cathryn J. Prince is a journalist, writer and author.

Prince is the author of several nonfiction books including the forthcoming "American Daredevil: The Extraordinary Life of Richard Halliburton, the World's First Celebrity Travel Writer."

For years she was a contributing correspondent to The Christian Science Monitor. While in Switzerland she covered the Nazi Gold Crisis, the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the Swiss Parliament, and a wire tapping scandal. She also got to write about cow fights and chocolate. While she continues to contribute to The Christian Science Monitor, she also regularly contributes to The Times of Israel covering the United Nations and human interest stories. Additionally, Prince writes for Connecticut Explored, and several other regional Connecticut magazines.

Death In the Baltic: The WWII Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff

“Based on German and Russian records, as well as material gained from interviews with survivors, author Prince has written a gripping account of one of the least-known human disasters of World War II.” Military History Magazine

“In describing the experiences of survivors, whom she has been adept in tracing, the journalist Cathryn Prince gives voices to ‘ordinary people who suffered during extraordinary times' -- and does so with scrupulous empathy.” The Spectator

“The story of the worst maritime disaster in history…Prince has scoured the planet for survivors, treating their harrowing stories with gentle empathy, from the first sickening bolts of the torpedoes to the chaos and terror of the ship's swift sinking as passengers fell into the freezing water, clambered for lifeboats and watched loved ones disappear in the tumult… An engaging study of a shocking tragedy.” Kirkus Reviews

“Death in the Baltic is the engrossing story of a tragedy that should never have been forgotten. With the grace of a writer who truly feels the loss of thousands in the cold waters of the Baltic Sea, Cathryn J. Prince has preserved their memory and improved our sense of history.” Gregory A. Freeman, author of The Forgotten 500